Broad Street Run 2016 Photo Gallery

Nearly 40,000 chilled, rain-soaked athletes hit the pavement for the 2016 Blue Cross Broad Street Run on Sunday, a 10-mile test of endurance sponsored in part by Einstein Orthopedics and MossRehab. It’s the largest 10-mile road race in the nation.

Michelle_crosses_the_line-1.jpgGiven the dreary weather on Sunday, with more or less constant rain and temperatures in the low 50s, all of the athletes had to endure a lot. But runners are a breed apart, and endure they did, spurred on by cheering crowds along the route.

As they crossed the finish line, the more serious competitors took a quick glance at their watches to check their time, grabbed a goodie bag of post-race snacks, and found a place to dry off. Others who were unlikely to finish in the top ranks, crossed the line exhausted—or broke out in huge grins as if to say, “I did it.” They happily greeted their friends, patted each other on the back, and were quickly ushered along by race officials to prevent a traffic jam at the finish line.

If you weren’t out in the cold rain on Sunday, we were, and we share some of our photos here.

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